We have worked for fifty years into the light to understand, enhance and redirect it via our luminaires. We began by seeking to fulfil the demands in fluorescent lighting from our area.

We are now present worldwide, working for our customers with the same enthusiasm as when we were craftsmen, willing to make customized light fittings in order to solve all their lighting problems.

Our product lines have covered every lighting application for indoors and outdoors, creating luminaires which have combined the best results in illumination with energy saving.

Luminaires made with high quality raw materials and assembled to a standard which meets the strictest European and international safety standards.

Luminaires with a crafted design which enables lines intended for industry to be reintroduced for homes and art galleries.

These fifty years in business have flashed by as if they were only one day, and now we are looking to the future with renewed energy and creativity.

Illumination technology,
light years ahead

ELR or Equivalent LED Replacements - is focussed on producing premium LED products for commercial, retail and residential applications. LED technology has flooded the market in recent years, but our products stand out from rest, surpassing the competition when it comes to quality, efficiency, brightness, colour and lifespan. ELR's design team are focussed on energy efficiency, easy installation and safety, creating LED technologies that are literally light years ahead.

Many LED manufacturers struggle to deliver matching performance and colour quality of existing traditional light sources, ELR has developed LED modules with innovative and patented technologies ensuring seamless transition to energy efficient alternatives.

All ELR light modules feature the following advantages:

•Surpass all brightness, colour, dispersion, lifespan and safety benchmarks
•Retain at least 70% of its performance after 50,000 hours
•Easily retro-fitted into most existing light fittings
•Compatible with conventional phase dimmers or DALI digital dimming systems

•ATePS™ advanced thermal protection system: keeping cool even under demanding and harsh environments
•Avoid fire hazards with ATePS™ management system
•Compliant with international standards
•Robust enough to come with worldwide warranty

FAEL SpA fill a first rate position among the manufactures of industrial lighting fittings, for big areas, sport courts and street lighting.
For over than 30 years Fael is largely present on national and international markets, where the 70% of the own production is exported.
The success of this wide presence is the result of careful choices in innovative and creative solutions, together with research and productive technology investments, with a strict control of the company proceedings and the high quality standard of the products.
The extreme specialization in the use of light sources for professional use, allowed Fael to achieve a pre-eminent position in carrying out high technical lighting installations.
All the commercial partenrs may therefore really confide in Fael which represent a reliable intelocutor for any requirement.

Hubbell Lighting, Inc. provides a full range of indoor and outdoor lighting products for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential markets.

INGE Opava, Ltd. is one of the leading Czech manufacturers of fluorescent lighting systems. Company was established in 1991 and own production of luminaires started in 1993. Since 1997 company has possessed own production area and has approximately 100 employees. INGE Opava has its own development and design department, and testing laboratory for measuring fitting's technical parameters. Company also constantly invests into production facilities and machinery. INGE Opava uses high technological machines for cutting and processing aluminum profiles, processing of metal sheets, painting, and technology for processing of V-shaped louvers and double parabolic louvers for T8 and T5 lamps.

We produce luminaires for illumination of offices, schools, hospitals, sacred buildings, hotels, supermarkets and other public areas including industrial facilities.

We produce interior luminaires and special luminaires mainly:

lighting systems from extruded aluminum profiles
recessed luminaires
surface mounted fittings for direct fixing onto the wall or ceiling
advertising and information luminaires
atypical and custom made luminaires
fittings for traffic buildings
luminaries for illumination of show-cases

LAMP is an architectural technical lighting company, specialized in advising on and designing efficient solutions adaptable to any project by way of innovative and competitive products and services.
Founded in 1972, it has its central offices in Terrassa (Barcelona) in a space of over 15,000m2. Its R&D&I Department, along with the Project Department and Laboratory, act as engines for creation and continuous innovation, providing an all-round, customized service for each project.
LAMP has a proximity policy towards its clients and to this end it has a wide range of branches throughout Spanish territory. Internationally, LAMP wishes to maintain this spirit of closeness and this is why it has subsidiaries in France, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and China. Moreover, it has its own sales offices in London, Vilnius, Dubai, Beijing, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur; and partners worldwide.

After the foundation of the company in 1946 by our current managing director Hermann Meyer, Willy Meyer+Sohn GmbH+Co. KG soon developed into a specialised manufacturer of technical luminaires.

The quality of our exterior luminaires is based on our competence in the development and manufacture of technical light fittings and experience gained in harsh operating conditions.

The result of development and manufacturing processes with the highest quality objectives is a range of products which convince the customer by their functionality and durability.

Meyer light fittings set standards in terms of lighting technology, reliability and design.

Our products are specified by lighting consultants and architects with the support of our worldwide network of partners.

Light is not only technology. Light is not only physics. Light is there to make your life become more pleasant.
We say: that‘s light.
We offer you a range of premium quality lighting tools to choose from so you can realize your individual ideas. We light up your lives, as it were.

And we put a lot of effort into it:
-We stay on the ball.
-Our goal is to implement trends in a
planlicht-specific statement.
-We are bean-counters. When it comes to quality. The quality of products and service.
-And we like to talk.

To us, a constructive atmosphere for discussions at the company, with our customers, suppliers and system partners
is the key to further development. We think about everything light can be, constantly and with great enthusiasm.
And we translate these thoughts into market-oriented lighting solutions. Relentless work on quality standards, rigorous quality control, innovative service ideas and continuous staff training are the cornerstones in our activities.

Prisma includes a series of coordinated products to be mounted on the wall or ceiling, for indoors and outdoors, with an option of installation on posts. For all large or small lighting problems, from the hobby room to the residential complex with surrounding grounds, this historical brand always proposes competitive solutions.

Prisma Architectural is a collection of indoor and outdoor products with high-level technological characteristics suitable for installation in different situations. High quality materials and lighting design are their basic characteristics. Wall mounted, post mounted and recessed luminaires are just a few of the product areas covered by this brand.

The Robus and led group trademarks are synonymous with world class product and service.
First established in Ireland, Robus is the leading lighting brand in the wholesale trade.
Now expanded into the UK where Robus also holds a brand leading position.
Currently in our 29th year in business, we are very proud of our reputation and international expansion, with the brand growing successfully across European and Australasian markets.

Range of luminaires manufactured for Rexel Lighting Solutions to our own exacting standards.

Troll has been working with lighting for over 75 years, which has given us more than enough time to uncover many of its secrets. Our aim is to understand light, talk to it, and to make the utmost of the choices for constructing lighting and its capacity to create ambience and sensations. To create places and sensations.

This is our strength, the energy of light, imagination and ideas, the strength of design. We want to walk down the paths of creativity with you to lighting your ideas.